Our brotherhood

Father's day special

With Father’s Day around the corner, it’s time to reflect on perhaps the most important brotherhood in life. The one between a father and his son(s)... 

We photographed some real brotherhoods within the Dstrezzed team. These brotherhoods will make you do a double take as the father/son resemblance is unmissable. 


Let’s meet Robin (Concept DESIGNER) and his almost 2 years old son Douk. 
Robin is part of the creative team behind our collections but with his critical questions and positive energy, he’s an asset to all teams. He loves to spend time in nature and ride his motorbike. Together with his girlfriend, he lives in a country house with a big outdoors where his backyard chickens gaze on grass, and Douk learns the basics of outdoor life. They’re simply enjoying all the good things in life.  



Robin, how would you describe your style?
I would best describe it as nonchalance, but up-to-date with the latest trends.

In your eyes, what is the biggest resemblance between Douk and you?
Haha, well that’s an easy question… Look at our bunch of hair! And just like our hairstyle, we simply go where the wind blows, we’re (very) easygoing. 

'The world needs more cowboys'

What style lesson you’ll pass along? 
‘The world needs more cowboys’, literally and figuratively… From a good handshake to being a little reckless from time to time. And talking about style… Denim on denim is always a good idea just like cowboys did. 

You’re in a brotherhood together, which brotherhood values do you teach your son? 
Be honest, share the ups and downs together, make new memories and stories to tell, but most of all; laugh as much as possible while doing it.