Our brotherhood

Father's day special

Happy Father's Day to the coolest dads out there and most loving husbands! In this Father's day special we reflect on perhaps the most important brotherhood in life. The one between a father and his son(s)... 

Let’s teach them all the lessons a well-dressed dad should pass along and give them the best advice for navigating this thing called life. And they can show us to appreciate the most essential things about life that we tend to forget as we get older. 


Let’s meet Dennis (Sales Manager, The Netherlands) and his two sons Mels (11) and Krijn (6).
Dennis is part of our sales team, which runs the day-to-day sales operations for The Netherlands and has already been with us for a long time. He knows the brand inside out, and with his straightforward, but honest opinion, and years of experience in fashion, we value him being a part of the team. With his wife, daughter, and two sons it is busy but bustling at their home, and adventure always waits just around the corner.  


Dennis, how would you describe your style?
A mix between ‘Classics that are never out of style’ with more fashionable items but always in a quite modest way.

In your eyes, what is the biggest resemblance between your sons and you?
Through the years I see more and more characteristics of myself in both of them, more than I’d like to admit. And the ‘funny' thing is that the ones that annoy me the most are of course the ones that reflect the most on myself… And in terms of looks, I think they are definitely a mix between my wife and me. But the hairstyle pops out, probably because we have the same barber (and genes, haha).

'Invest in good classics
that will stand the test of time'

What style lesson you’ll pass along? 
Invest in good classics that will stand the test of time and wear whatever you feel comfortable in…Of course with some exceptions ;)  

You’re in a brotherhood together, which brotherhood values do you teach your sons? 
Be authentic and honest to yourself... and others. Be nice to people and treat them the way you want to be treated… Make lots of beautiful memories and enjoy the good things in live together!