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Our brotherhood - Meet Madhya

Our brotherhood
Meet Madhya

We drove off to Utrecht, to have a chat with our Dstrezzed store manager Madhya,
who runs the store located on Lange Elisabethstraat 8 in Utrecht.

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- What brought you in Utrecht?
When I was a kid, I used to move a lot for my dad’s work. We eventually moved to a small town outside of Utrecht.
I choose to move to Utrecht when I was done studying in Amsterdam, because it is the gate way to all city’s in the Netherlands.
Nothing is far away if you are in Utrecht!

- What is the perfect store experience for you?
That is when I get to know a customer so well, that it feels more like we are two friends shopping together.
We want people to feel welcome in our store as if they are visiting a good friend.

- The best piece of advice you can give to any customer?
Never buy your jeans too big! It should always feel a bit tight in the beginning.
Nothing is worse than wearing jeans that are too big.

- Favorite places in Utrecht?
Kimmade Vietnamese street food. It’s a great place to grab a sandwich for on the go.
Behind Bars cocktailbar. A small place, but fantastic cocktails.
Saar. Simply good food and their cheese platter is not to be missed.
Don-kounosuke. A spectacular Japanese restaurant.

Utrecht is scattered with hidden culinary gems!

- What is a must have wardrobe essential for you?
A good pair of jeans.

- Your favorite Dstrezzed item?
Dstrezzed makes mouthwatering leather sneakers. Made in Portugal... These sneakers are amazing!