With Lois Schindeler

We made our way to a cozy cabin in the heart of nature, where we had a coffee with Lois. Lois is not just a model but also a creative soul. Her heart is drawn to painting and horse riding, but she yearns to explore the realm of pottery, she embodies the essence of versatility and creativity. Adding to the charm of the gathering, Lois's boyfriend, Tom, joined us, and we captured her in His Clothes.


What keeps you busy? 
I work as a full-time model, and in addition to that, I paint. I’m also busy with getting into production and creative direction more and more.

As this item is about #HISCLOTHES, what is your favorite item from a gent? 
I love a well-made oversized knit or sweater. A nicely loose-fitting pair of jeans is also one of my favorites.

What could be the reason to fall in love?
Humor and kindness. 

Any male fashion icons or celebrities whose style you admire or find inspiring?
I don't really have a single male fashion icon or celebrity. To be honest, I enjoy scanning the streets for guys with great style. It's even more inspiring to me when I'm abroad.

'I love a well-made oversized
 knit or sweater.'

How would you describe yourself in a couple of words?
Positive, playful, kind.

Tell us the boldest move that you’ve made.
I think releasing my art into the world. It's very personal, and that's what makes it super vulnerable. I love that it has received such positive feedback.

Favorite place and why?
Anywhere in nature, but my favorite is at my best friends place in Drenthe. Submerged in nature, horses and dogs around.