With Anouk Sanders

Beautiful from the inside and out, our girl this summer is Anouk Sanders. A model from Amsterdam but travels all over the world for her work. We took her (and her boyfriend) with us to Italy, and besides all the laughter, she looks pretty good in our clothes...

What keeps you busy?
Life in general, I think there is always something to do, to learn, to explore. Even the little things in life keep me busy (like doing stuff in or around the house) and personally, I like being “busy”.

As this item is about #HISCLOTHES, what is your favorite item from a gent?
His best pair of jeans, or the shirt that I can steal from him.

What could be the reason to fall in love?
Thinking about the little things, that seem unimportant to yourself, but know it’s important to the other.
And being able to laugh together, I think is so important.

How would you describe yourself in a couple of words?
Straight forward, caring, impatient, happy.

Favorite place and why?

Anywhere with my boyfriend, friends, and family. So anywhere on this planet with them!