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Together, we are stronger

Join the Brotherhood

Get to know us and join our team. We'd love to have more talented people on board. Within our brotherhood we are always looking for new talents. Be a bit quirky, take risks, dare to challenge, feel the fear and do it anyway.

The history of Dstrezzed

'When success is shared,
there is no need to stress.'

It’s 2010 and the world of retail has changed course with the high street booming with fast fashion monobrands. After over twenty years experience in the fashion industry, Eric Aarden sees that independent retailers are struggling and unable to turn with the tide. He sees a gap in the market where he can create a good product with a great margin, and thereby give retailers a liferaft. He tells them, “don’t stress, we’ll do it together”.

Creating a brotherhood of retailers, suppliers, employees, consumers, the Dstrezzed network is connected by its honest and authentic relationships and the mentality that; life is an adventure which we should all make the best of. When you live boldly, anything is possible and you can enjoy the good things in life with those around you.

Get to know the team

'Dstrezzed is built on a brotherhood that believes
that life is an adventure which we should all make the best of.'


Sales manager the Netherlands

'My talks are more up-to-date
than my digital knowledge.'

It has been a few years since I started working as a sales manager at Dstrezzed. I'm not shy to talk, so this is my branch of sport. Together with my colleagues, Daan and Erik, I take care of the Dutch buyers and run the day-to-day sales operations. It's all part of a puzzle, we want the buyers to leave our showroom with a collection that matches their store identity, and at the same time with pieces we want to be displayed. Together we strive for the best result. Besides being a team with our Dutch buyers, I feel proud to be a part of the Dstrezzed brotherhood. Between all the 'hard' work there's always time for a good laugh.


PR & Communications manager

'With my organized mind I know how to find comfort in the chaos of our brotherhood.'

When I started working at Dstrezzed, I immediately felt at home. It's a down-to-earth, hard-working team that likes to joke around, characteristics I can completely identify with. My goal is to give Dstrezzed the 'fame' it deserves by organizing the coolest events, fairs, collaborations and building a real-life brotherhood. My job is super versatile, and that makes it so much fun. Being a part of this brotherhood is something to be very proud of. I believe that with this brotherhood we will push limits and beyond! 


Concept Designer

'I like to motivate the brotherhood with my creativity, and set the bar high for our healthy salads on Monday.'

Together with my colleague Annette, I design the Dstrezzed collection from A to Z. Based on our inspiration we start with a concept and color card, we source fabrics and start drawing all the styles. One year later our collection hits the stores. 'Brotherhood' is in our brand name for a reason, it's exactly how it feels at the Dstrezzed HQ. A group of friends willing to take the brand to the next level, and above all have a lot of fun with each other. It's nice to work for a growing brand with so much potential, the sky is the limit.

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What we believe

'The foundation of the brotherhood comes from these shared values.'

We believe that values are the foundation of a strong brand and a long lasting company. We find it important that all those who wear and work with us share and embrace these values day in, day out. 

We believe that life is an adventure and we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously. We get a kick out of doing the unexpected once in a while and like to show off our rebellious streak. We choose to see the glass half full, take chances and laugh while we do it.

We have not always chosen the easy way, but it has always been the honest way. We value authentic and real people who are open and true to themselves. We treat everyone in our brotherhood with respect and fairness, and expect the same in return.

We believe that when we do things together, we are stronger and can lift each other up. We like to share success and good times with people who feel the same way we do. No man gets left behind.

The good life
We have a thing for the finer things in life and we know how to enjoy them. From good food, and clothing, to experiences and meaningful connections; we appreciate like-minded people who care about the details, depth and quality.

What it means to work for Dstrezzed

'Life is an adventure that is best lived boldly.'

We want the Dstrezzed brotherhood to be a place where you feel free to be yourself, a place where your rebel child comes out to play. Dstrezzed combines a 'hard'-working atmosphere with all the other good things in life. There is always time for a laugh between all the hustle and bustle, during and after work. That’s what our team is all about... We make sure to keep the perfect balance, it sounds a bit cliche, but it's just as simple as that.

As we like to live boldly, working at Dstrezzed not only means that you get to work with the most fun colleagues ever, as we do say so ourselves. It also means that you’re a part of a brotherhood that helps each other out, gets a kick out of doing the unexpected once in a while, likes to show off our rebellious streaks, is in for a drink on Friday and that doesn’t take life too seriously. Whatever it may be. You’re included.

Being a part of the Dstrezzed team also means doing unique activities together. For example; playing soccer in an empty Ajax Arena, being a model yourself once in a while, and from fine dining with Christmas, to new collection parties and store opening events. And not to forget... as we're a clothing brand, every staff member receives a fashionable discount, so our brotherhood will walk in style, every day of the week.

We believe that life is best when shared with good people, so are you ready to become a part of our brotherhood? Don't hold back and check out our open vacancies. We can’t wait to meet you.