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The Dstrezzed denim story 

There’s nothing more iconic than those baby blues. 

For 150 years, denim has been in the working man’s wardrobe. Starting off as a sturdy, rigid textile to clothe the hard-working Americans employed in factories doing heavy work, decades of washes, fits, and trends have seen denim transform into the icon of a modern gents wardrobe. 

We offer premium denim that guarantees comfort without ever compromising on style and for each and every member of the brotherhood. Whether you’re on dad duty, or heading for a beer with the boys, or trying to get lucky in the club – our denim collection will have you feeling like anything is possible. 

Our denim icons
The Mr. E and Sir. B

Chosen for their timeless style, these denim icons live on season through season. The Mr. E - Slim fit and the Sir. B - Tapered fit.

Founder image

The Mr. E
Slim fit

Slim fit jeans conquer the denim world for their ability to suit a wide range of body types and outfit choices. Our slim fit denim gets its character from the sophisticated, welted buttonhole on the coin pocket, and the well-placed back pockets. 

The Sir B
Tapered fit

A style built with comfort in mind, the tapered denim allows for a wider leg at the seat and a narrow bottom which gives it the comfort feel. Our tapered denim is finished with an iconic rivet on the coin pocket and back pockets placed slightly lower to accentuate the relaxed look.

Founder image

Both the slim and tapered denim have a waistband that is cut in such a way to keep the jeans in place at all times. No more awkward sliding down situations and exposing parts you’d rather not, or wearing a belt that gives you an additional obstacle at times…

Unique washes & fabric

'Crafted with your comfort in mind.'

Each season, we introduce five new denims with different washes in line with contemporary looks of today – that means you could wear a different denim to work everyday ;) Our rebellious nature means that we let classic indigo washes take a backseat, and instead we go for a fusion of colors to give a unique wash you won’t find anywhere else.

Our denim is made with cotton and a varying % of stretch (depending on the denim) to give you the feeling you’re in your sweatpants, but always looking smart. Creating comfortable clothing so you can feel free to do the things you love, is a priority in our design process. We make sure we test our denims internally to make sure comfort is not compromised.

The combination of our unique wash process and fabric choice means that Dstrezzed denim is always soft to touch. So you can expect a few leg rubs here and there… 

An eye for detail 

'Take a closer look…'

When it comes to denim, it’s the details that give it that extra bit of flair and show off craftsmanship. All of our denims have:

Chambray linings – pocketing from a quality material to be able to bear weight, and dyed in indigo which washes well with the jeans..

– to enhance durability of critical spots.

A well-finished side seam
– to protect against fraying and for a clean look when turning your jeans up.

Finally, the iconic 3D octagon branding on the right back pocket – so you can spot other brotherhood gents from a mile away. 

There are some denims in the collection that are woven in the left-hand technique. This way of weaving means the fabric automatically feels softer and has more of a drape, making this a super comfortable option. 

Dstrezzed X Candiani

'Our long-term partnership with the greenest mill in the blue world. '

Among denim lovers and beyond, Candiani is a sign of premium and sustainable denim. The denim industry is notorious for its polluting nature but with mills like Candiani, we engage in more sustainable practices to clean up and minimize our footprint where we can. 

Since 1938, Candiani has been a pioneer and innovator in the denim world, from its unique location between Milan and the Alps giving it access to a rich biodiversity, to developing fabrics and washes that reduce material, water and chemical use – without ever compromising on craftsmanship. Candiani’s commitment to sourcing as locally as possible further reduces environmental impact and guarantees Italian fabrics – the best in the industry.

We are proud to work with such a partner to create conscious denim of a premium quality that will stand the test of time. You can easily recognize our blue line, Dstrezzed x Candiani denim by the unique hangtags and label on the jean pocket. This is a partnership we will continue to nurture and bring back into returning collections. 

'Denim isn’t just a clothing item, it’s a way of life.'

Our Selvedge Denim  

'Selvedge denim tells you to go off the beaten track. It’s the most raw and pure version of denim there is.’'

Founder image

This Autumn/Winter, we introduce our first Premium Selvedge denim into our collection *round of applause*'. You can spot it by the turn up of your jeans – the classic white and red stitch proudly showing – as well as at the top coin pocket and your inside fly. 

Some nerdy stuff first
Selvedge denim is the name for a higher quality, harder to produce type of denim that usually (but not always) remains unwashed (you might have heard the term “dry denim” before).

For a long time, selvage denim was reserved for denim heads who eat, sleep and breathe denim and didn’t make its way into the mainstream market because of the perceived discomfort of wearing a dry selvedge, and its expensive price tag because of the craftsmanship required. Selvedge literally means ‘self-edge’ so it means that the denims are produced individually on a traditional shuttleloom with more care and precision which guarantees a higher quality item.

Selvedge denim is considered the most sustainable option in the denim world, because it skips the washing process (which normally uses around 7000 liters of water), and it keeps its authentic indigo color. Being left untreated with any dyes means that the yarns in the denim are stronger because there has been no chemical intervention, and therefore will last longer as well. It’s also considered a sin to wash a selvedge, so you’ll save on laundries at home, and have to get creative with how you keep it clean…

Why we love it
Selvedge denim allows you to tell your own story. The denim starts off rigid, a piece of material. But over time, bends and breaks and molds to your unique body, your unique life to become a part of you. The things you do often, like putting your phone in your front pocket or wallet in the back, and the movements you make, will all be visible over time on your denim as the indigo fades. It will become your most authentic piece in your wardrobe, but you do need to be patient!

Our unique selvedge
The Dstrezzed selvedge is made with fabric from Candiani and is colored with patented Indigo Juice®, which fades easier than standard indigo and therefore allows your unique blueprint of life to come through on your denim sooner. (Note; this dye will stain lighter colored fabrics so always go for the darker boxers when you’re wearing these!). We also modernized the selvedge with a degradable comfort stretch, to give you a little bit more comfort than a typical selvedge usually allows for – the kind of comfort you’re used to from us. 

“Selvedge denim takes a while to break in. Give it some time, wear it, don’t wash it, feel it, don’t force it, leave it, don’t expect it, but most of all, have your best moments in it.'

The selvedge project
We had 50 modern gents test out the first batch of Dstrezzed Selvedge denims. For six months, they lived their lives in their selvedges, and each of them made it their own. We have chosen the denim with the most beautiful imprint – we’re talking honeycombs, fades, whiskers – and we’re replicating and reproducing it to add to our collection. So you can have the look, without the casualty of all your white undies ending up in the trash…