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Blazers & Waistcoats

Men’s costumes 

Is it time for a new suit? View our collection of Dstrezzed costumes and find the right men's suit. From a business suit for work to a printed suit for a fancy event. 


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Gilet Photo flower 2Tone Dobby Dk. Navy


Gilet 2Tone Dobby Dk. Navy


Blazer 2Tone Dobby Dk. Navy


Gilet Jaquard Sweat Stripe Navy


Blazer Jaquard Sweat Stripe Navy


Gilet Small Tictac Dk. Navy


Gilet Small Tictac Navy


Blazer Small Tictac Dk. Navy


Blazer Small Tictac Navy


Gilet Jaquard Sweat Dk. Navy


Blazer Jaquard Sweat Dk. Navy


Gilet Jaquard Leger groen


Gilet Jaquard Navy


Gilet Blue Check Navy


Blazer Blue Check Navy


Blazer Indigo Pique Dk. Indigo


Suits for men

A complete suit is surely a key piece in any men’s wardrobe. You can wear a suit on many occasions, but besides it’s being a formal item of clothing, a suit also looks very elegant. Wear a three-piece suit to a smart Casual or Black tie party. 

Matching suits and single pieces

Within our collection of formal men’s clothing, we have matching blazers, waistcoats, and trousers. Wear these three-piece suits to formal events and occasions. Each part of the three-piece suit can also be purchased separately, so you can create endless outfit options. For a casual look, you can combine a printed blazer with a basic T-shirt or wear a waistcoat over a turtle neck in the Winter. 

Stylish and practical 

Our blazers, waistcoats, and trousers often contain stretch for good comfort. We design the pieces for the modern gent with a great style. 

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