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Our brotherhood - Meet Cédric


Our brotherhood 
Meet Cédric 

We drove off to Antwerp, to have a chat with our Dstrezzed store manager Cédric,
who runs the store located on Kammenstraat 34 in Antwerp.

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- What brought you in Antwerp?
10 years ago I moved to Antwerp, in the first place this was for a study - but you and me both know that studying wasn't the main focus. After a while,
I've met my (ex) girlfriend and we started to build a network of friends, within a few months we knew we wouldn't leave Antwerp very soon.
Besides that, Antwerp has so much more to offer than the village I grew up in. I would recommend Antwerp to everybody!

- What is the perfect store experience for you?
That the customer feels completely at home and at ease when shopping at Dstrezzed.
This starts while entering the store with a simple greeting, we want to give the customers space to do their thing,
so we wait a minute before we start asking questions. After that we also like to have a light-hearted conversation with the customers,
it is nice on both sides to build a certain bond and give them a feeling that they are very welcome because they are!

Once the customers are fitting their favorite looks, a drink is offered to boost the experience.
At the checkout, we surprise the customers with a small gesture and we wish them the best.

- Favorite places in Antwerp?
Hotel Pilar: Good food and drinks on a beautiful square with a view of the museum of fine arts.
Inside, too, it is pleasant to stay in a slightly fancy and cool interior.

Camino: Here we find Korean cuisine, a must for everyone!

Lewis: Small cozy place with very good food. Here you are in the slightly higher price range, but still highly recommended!

Handelsbeurs: A hidden gem in the heart of Antwerp. Very nice architecture and you can have something to eat
and drink in the shop 'Fiera'.

I like to go for a walk in the very beautiful Antwerp parks (Middelheim, Nachtegalenpark and Park Den Brandt),
these are located next to each other and worth a visit.

- What is a winter essential for you?
A warm hoodie, always very comfortable and cozy to wear on these cold days.

Dstrezzed, stores, antwerp