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#HISCLOTHES with Viviane Marmelstein


With Viviane Marmelstein

A luscious, wild, caring and, cool mom. This is the type of woman that is it all
and we are honored to have her in front of the camera for #hisclothes.  

viviane marmelstein, hisclothes, dstrezzed

So Viviane, please tell us a little something about yourself.

-What keeps you busy?
I have been modeling already for over a decade. Since I am a mother of a beautiful son, being busy got a whole new meaning in my life.
I love my mommy days, we play and create a lot. We love going on adventures in nature and leave all the busyness behind. But that is not all of me.
Lately, I have submerged myself in the mysteries of love and life itself. I am a coach and relationship trainer.
There is always more to learn in the art of life.

-As this item is about #HISCLOTHES, what is your favorite item from a gent?
To be honest, I am a sucker for sweatpants haha. There is something about the freedom it gives to move and the relaxed vibe that comes with it, but that is for a gent.
The item that I love to wear from a gent is the overshirt. There is something sexy about wearing a gentleman's jacket.
The suede one definitely does it for me!

- What could be the reason to fall in love?
For me, it is never about the reason. If I feel myself falling and I cannot reason my way out of it, well to me that is love.

- How would you describe yourself in a couple of words?
Luscious, wild, caring, and free.

- Favorite place and why?
The forest. I am a very sensitive woman. I live in the city and love all the extravaganza that comes with it.
But to really flourish me, I have to reconnect back to nature on a regular basis. The Amsterdam Forest is where I grew up, but actually, any forest will do.
Just laying in the grass, looking at the sky, the wind playing with the trees, hmmm just yummy. That's how I refill my batteries.

Viviane Marmelstein, Dstrezzed, Hisclothes