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#HISCLOTHES with Rachel Esveld

With Rachel Esveld

She is full of energy, always on the go; if you can't find her in Amsterdam, she is probably on Ibiza, and she loves to surround herself with her friends.

Rachel knows how to enjoy life and we were to curious about her stories. We visited her for a good cup of coffee in a beautiful Amsterdam canal house,
because this time Rachel is wearing His Clothes.


#hisclothes, Dstrezzed, Rachel Esveld


So Rachel, please tell us a little something about yourself.

-What keeps you busy?
I am actually always busy and on the go. If it is not working or school than it is traveling and being with my friends. 

-As this item is about #HISCLOTHES, what is your favorite item from a gent? 
Definitely a big white blouse. 

- What could be the reason to fall in love?

Craziness, humor, unconditional love,  and a special connection.

- How would you describe yourself in a couple of words?

Energetic, chaotic, and fun.

- Favorite place and why?

Ibiza, because every time I set one foot on the ground there, all the bliss in the world comes my way.


#hisclothes, Dstrezzed, Rachel Esveld