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Work-from-home staff picks part 2

Like many of us have noticed or experienced, our living rooms, kitchens or even the couch are being transformed to our offices as we begin to practice social distancing. 

It can be tough to stay focused while working from home, but sometimes all you need is the right outfit to keep you motivated.

These are the new comfortable picks from the Dstrezzed gents.

Roy, International sales manager at Dstrezzed.

You might be feeling afraid or uncertain about what’s to come, whether because you are quarantined, just working from home for who knows how long, or you’re running out of toilet paper... We don’t realize just how social beings we are until now. Hopefully we can cheers to it together soon. 

My Favorites. 

Easy with a comfortable fit. The sweater is a must for your supermarket run and the denim will provide comfort and stretch.

Don’t forget about a smart shirt… The other people on the video call will spend at least half the time looking at their own face (I mean who doesn’t?) but the rest of the time will be spent looking at you, and your good-looking shirt.

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€89.95 €44.95

Nick, Retail & E-commerce at Dstrezzed.

Stay fit, safe & healthy! Use this time as an opportunity to get out of the ordinary and see everything in a realistic perspective again. Realize that money and status aren’t important. Health is. 

Help each other and be the best community you can be. And hey, working from home isn’t that bad: roll out of bed, put on sweatpants, start working, and don’t forget to stretch at your desk. 

My favorites. 

For a work-from-home outfit I prefer clothes that fit like a glove.

Try this training jacket with matching jogger, besides the comfortable fit, it will also give you the feeling you’ve had an active day, even though all the gyms are closed. Feel active, perform better, no excuses right?


Dennis, Sales at Dstrezzed.

In these uncertain times we have to act as a brotherhood and show solidarity in all areas. But you also have to see the benefits, there will be more time for things that you left behind… New ideas, new insights and nobody can caught you drinking a beer on the job ;-). Take care of each other, we have to do this together.

My favorites.

Choose items you can style in different ways. Try the blazer jacket; you can wear this item indoors and outdoors. The polo can be worn casual and dressed.

And last but not least, the jogger pants with some sneakers, or with loafers to get ready for your conference call. Nobody will see your shoes, but just for the feeling. The feeling of being a modern gent.

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