Why You Should Visit Positano, Italy

It was an easy choice when we had to choose the location for our new Spring Summer ’18 campaign. Positano is the Amalfi Coast’s most photogenic town, with colorful houses, more colors in the street and steps, beautiful lighting and… so much to see and eat.

Besides creating the Spring Summer ’18 campaign, we also had to eat. We mean, nobody (even the models) can say no to an Italian dinner. Especially if you visit Ristorante Chez Blacka vibrant boulevard restaurant right in the heart of Positano. Since 1949 they are serving the best typical Italian dishes you can imagine. Burrata with tomatoes, the freshest seafood, and the pasta is to die for. With a view over the sea, you might never wanna leave Positano.

 For a more romantic meal, we recommend La SpondaThis location is by far a fairytale. Not only the location is breathtaking, their food and wine are also getting 5 stars. It is a bit pricey, but more than worth. If we could only go back for a pasta with fresh truffle…
If you are down for a chill, you should go to Hotel Santa CaterinaAn elegant private beach surrounded by the Mediterranean sea and sky. In a 19th-century library style villa, we wanna make sure we can relax and sip some cocktails. You don’t need to blink twice if you think to see a model, you did. A lot of models.
 So, are you ready to book your Italian holiday?
Analog shots by @byvivianhoorn




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