What To Wear On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, you love it or you hate it. If you love it, continue reading. (If you hate it, also keep reading – you still want to look good on the 14th.)

We know it is hard to look good on a date. Even if it is date number 100. With V-Day only a few days away we decided to help you out. Not only because we care about you, we also truly believe that clothes make the Gent.

Despite your mood, you also need to figure out what you and your date are going to do. Dinner, drinks or an activity? Let’s make it easy, Dapper Chic for dinner, Casual Cool for drinks and Dandy Blue for an activity.

Valentine's Day

For dinner, we suggest this classic look. It is comfy, you look cool and if she spills red wine over your white outfit, she is gonna offer to clean your shirt and you two are meeting again. soon.

Valentine's Day

With this look, you can’t go wrong. Order a drink on the rocks, wait till your date comes through the door and let your outfit do all the work. Mr. Cool guy.

Valentine's Day

You can take her karting on this date. Sporty and original. Even if she loses, she would forgive you, because of this outfit.

Of course, it is not all about the looks. You also need a good chat and a sense of humor, make her laugh and take her for a second or 101 dates. 

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