Items To Be Aware Of This Week

Don’t get fooled by the sun, she is shining but the cold runs through our veins. So cold.

But, that makes this weather perfect for layers, sunglasses and a lot of drinks to keep you warm, when you put yourself outside on a terrace on a sunny Saturday.

With this being said, we selected a few items for you to be aware of this week. An outfit for at the office or for a night out with the gents.

With this look, you can’t go wrong. Only the chino already you want to wear every day, because of the loose fit and a wool blend mix. Combine it with this perfectly fine sweater, with an indigo look.

If you don’t own a trenchcoat you can hardly call yourself a gent. Step up your game, wear printed pants under it and be the men.

Available in three colors, and believe us, once you’ve tried one, you are running back to your laptop to order this sweater in more colors. Combine it with a sportive jacket and a washed jeans.


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