#HISCLOTHES with Merrith van den Bosch

There’s Nothing Better for her to wear than #HISCLOTHES

The perfect feeling of victory for every man is seeing the girl he conquered wearing #hissweater.

Or after a fun evening and long night, you want to wake up to a beautiful woman preparing breakfast in sexy lingerie and #hisshirt, that you wore during last night dinner.

In the summer evening, right after dinner, she wanted to borrow #hisblazer and wore it as an overcoat over her shoulders. In short, the best thing she could wear is #HISCLOTHES.

So with this in mind, we shot some of the best DSTREZZED items, for her. For the June edition of #hisclothes we hooked up with

Insta-girl/model Merrith van den Bosch.

Follow her @merrith on Instagram.

> Hi Merrith! Please tell us something about yourself?

I’m a busy girl – with a lot of passion for everything. I’m finishing my master, I am crazy about interior and making also my own jewelry. Merrith is a perfectionist and busy figure, but I always try to look at life with a positive look, even when life is difficult. Stay positive, and enjoy life every day: I really learned that from my dad, my true gentleman. I am very grateful for that!

> What is that you like about a real gent?

It’s about the small things that he does. That’s a real gentleman.

> Which drink should he offer you? 

A gin tonic with grapefruit and basil, or a pornstar Martini.

> The Best opening line you’ve ever heard?

Pretty girl, you win the prize! I turned around, and I was told I had won a dinner with the man over me. So bad that it was funny.

> How can a real gent surprise you?

How my friend surprised me often: with sushi and champagne, candles and a movie – and most preferably in a bed that’s just changed. The absolute best thing of the world

> If you can choose a destination to go with a gent. Which one should you choose? 

The Maldives – with a house with your own swimming pool. I have been there last time and want to go back again. That was very romantic, relaxing, lots of sunshine and delicious food. And otherwise the Cotton Club on Ibiza – for sushi and champagne so. 😉

> What is your favorite clothing item from a gent?

A shirt, definitely.

You can find Merrith on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/merrith/


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