This season we’ve selected the prettiest girls from Amsterdam. One of them is Elke, she is a freelance writer, editor and busy with something that is coming up, what we can’t say but is extremely cool.

For this edition of #HISCLOTHES, Elke is wearing #HISJEANS and #HISSHIRT.

-What attracts you in a real gent?

Optimism. I don’t really have a specific preference when it comes down to appearance. When it comes to qualities in someone’s character, however then you’ve got the standard trustworthy, kind and funny that is always appealing. But I want someone who excites me. Someone who keeps me on my toes with a positive mindset. Someone who will always pick optimism over pessimism.

-What is the best opening line that you have heard being said to you?

Conversations have always seemed to flow naturally so I wouldn’t say there has been an opening that really caught me off guard in any type of way. I’d say a compliment always does the trick. As long as they avoid the sleazy kind.

-How can a gent surprise you in the best possible way?

My favored kind of date nights involve live music so my favorite surprises have always been concert tickets.

-As this item is about clothes, what is your favorite clothing item from a gent?

Tshirts and sweaters. Mostly because I have the tendency to steal them and keep them for myself. I’m a sucker for oversized clothing and anything from the men’s department just seems to fit best.

-How would you describe yourself in a couple of words? 

Bit of a tomboy with an old soul. I definitely believe I was born in the wrong era.

Got curious about Elke? You can follow her here. 

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