#HISCLOTHES with Sabina Toet

We’ve hooked up with Sabina in Italy, on a boat in the beautiful Positano.

The only thing she was wearing was #HISSHIRT. With a beer in her hand, she enjoys the sun and listens to the sound of the ocean.

Hi Sabina, welcome on board… 

Positano, Italy

– What attracts you in a real gent?

I like a man who is caring, sincerely interested and surprising. I do not need to be treated like a princess but offering little things he could help me with or do without me asking for it is a big plus.

– What is the best opening line that you have heard being said to you?

To be honest, I’m too naive to notice ‘a line’. A guy should have a friendly face and a nice smile and a conversation could automatically start.

– How can a gent surprise you in the best possible way?

A cold wine in the fridge after a workday, dinner reservations at my favorite restaurant or chicken soup and vitamins whenever I’m feeling sick. I just love thoughtful things.

– As this item is about his clothes, what is your favorite clothing item from a gent?

My favorite thing to wear from his wardrobe must be a v neck t-shirt. When the t-shirt is a bit longer, it falls on my butt and that feels sexy and a bit teasing. I also like to walk around in his loose boxers. I think they feel nice and they make my legs look skinny.

– How would you describe yourself in a couple of words?

Friendly, energetic, considerate and a little crazy!

Positano, Italy

Instagram: @sabinatoet


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