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#HISCLOTHES with Maxime Rokus

Maxime is Amsterdam finest creative, a busy bee who works for all the big companies in town. Her creativity you’ll also find on her body, small tattoos all over the place. Cooler than this you won’t find them.

- How would you describe yourself in a couple of words? 
Creative, Ambitious and Easy-Going
- As a creative, what is your proudest moment?
In my career, I have been able to do incredibly fun and different projects. My proudest moment is not a certain moment, but the realization that I can do this as daily work. Sometimes I forget to think about that.
- Tell us, what would be the perfect date? 
My perfect date is candlelight dining with a (veryververy) good bottle of red wine.
- What attracts you in a real gent? 
Someone who is not insecure dares to take the lead and has respect for you. 
- What are the best and the worst opening lines that you have heard being said to you? 
I didn’t hear an opening line for more than two years (because boyfriend) haha but I think the worst will be: ‘‘There’s something wrong with my phone – it doesn’t have your number in it’’. And the best: ‘’Hello amazingness. You make me smile. That is all.’’
- As this item is about his clothes, what is your favorite clothing item from a gent?
To steal so that I can wear it myself? Then I love the sweater the most. Otherwise, I think well-fitted jeans or trousers.
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