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#HISCLOTHES with Germaine Aimeé Peels

Beauty and the brains, Germaine is studying LAW at the University of Amsterdam and besides that, she is also an upcoming model. Shooting with her was easy peasy. She is a natural beauty and when there is a camera around she’ll play with it.

Luckily she found the time to sit down with us and to be photographed for #HISCLOTHES.


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– How would you describe yourself in a couple of words?
Rebels, spontaneous

– As a model, what would be your dream location to shoot?
I really want to go to the Bahama’s one day.

– What attracts you in a real gent?
I think a gent has to be honest, romantic, helpful and sweet and of course hilarious.

– What are the best and the worst opening lines that you have heard being said to you?
Unfortunately, I can’t answer this question, because I hate all pickup lines and besides that - nobody ever used one with me.

– How can a gent surprise you in the best possible way?
I think it’s all about the little things, like cute little notes, or take me out for dinner when we didn’t see each other much that week. Oh, and what I really like, when a gent makes your breakfast.

– As this item is about his clothes, what is your favorite clothing item from a gent?
It depends... when there is a special occasion I love it when a gent wears a suit, but overall I like tough clothes.

– With Christmas around the corner, what is in your eyes the perfect gift to a lady?
Spending Christmas in a romantic city with Christmas lights!

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