#HISCLOTHES with Iman Whitfield

She stole his heart and… #HISCLOTHES 

The perfect feeling of victory for every man is seeing the girl he conquered wearing #hissweater.

Or after a fun evening and long night, you want to wake up to a beautiful woman preparing breakfast in sexy lingerie and #hisshirt, that you wore during last night dinner.

Winter is coming, during the cold evenings, she wanted to borrow #hissweater and steal it forever. In short, the best thing she could wear is #HISCLOTHES.

So with this in mind, we shot some of the best DSTREZZED items, for her. For the October edition of #HISCLOTHES we hooked up with…

Cool chick Iman Whitfield.

Morning Iman, How would you describe yourself in a couple of words:

Curious, go-getter and never not smiling.

– What attracts you in a real gent?

Courage. I think it’s really unattractive if a guy is not adventurous and scared of jumping off a cliff into the water for example – or if he would tell me not to do it. I want someone to take my hand and convince me to do stuff I don’t even dare to do. In every facet of life. 

– What drink should you be offered?

This sounds so boring: tea. I simply love tea. Always did, always will. 

– What is the best opening line that you have heard being said to you?

I wish I ever heard a good one! No not true, I probably just forgot… because it’s not the opening line that does it…

How can a gent surprise you in the best possible way?

By taking me on a (road)trip to a place I’ve never been or never even thought of going to. It doesn’t necessarily have to be far away or fancy. 

– You have a long weekend ahead of you and you want to go somewhere nice, where shall we go? 

A treehouse in the forest. Or.. the nearest snow-holiday destination. I love snowboarding.

– As this item is about his clothes, what is your favorite clothing item from a gent?

A sweater.

Instagram: @imanwhitfield

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