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His Clothes with Vivian Hoorn

She is no stranger to Dstrezzed and we even dare to say that she is considered to be one of the boys. This Amsterdam based jet-setter loves to be in front, and behind the camera. This season we asked Vivian to be the photographer of choice to shoot our seasonal campaign. When we mentioned that it would take place on Iceland she was already booking her ticket...the adventurous type of gal, just the way we like ’em. There was just one thing. She had to feature in the HIS CLOTHES section, finally.

How would you describe the perfect gent for you?

A guy like my boyfriend Rien. He is my best friend, most amazing sex buddy, I can’t handle his perfect Tarzan looks and we can laugh all day long. He treats me like a princess, whenever I come back from a trip, he takes perfect care of me. (Besides Rien, Chuck Bass is also the perfect gent.)

You travel around the globe for work, in which country have you heard the best pick up line?

Los Angeles.

And what was it?

I met a guy on the app Raya (back when I was still single) and asked him if he knew any cool spots to visit in LA. His answer: “The view from my balcony...”

What could be the reason to fall in love with a gent?


How can a gent surprise you in the best possible way?

Take me on a little trip. Maybe to Paris and propose to me. (Rien, are you listening?)

What is your favorite clothing item from a gent?

A suit.

How could you describe yourself in a couple of words?

Crazy, one of the boys, creative and a dreamer.