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The gent and his watch

We’ve had a coffee with one of the most stylish gents from Amsterdam, Mathieu Casalonga. With passion, he tells us about his favorite watch and why.

It was in 2008 at a dinner party, when I was seated next to a true legend: Theo Mavrostomos. This man holds the record for chamber diving at 701 meters deep (Hydra 10). And that same man, that day, was wearing a Sea-Dweller. There is when I got inspired to buy my watch. My Sea-Dweller that I bought myself after a promotion, model 16600, was unfortunately stopped by Rolex in March 2008.

Today, the Deep sea version replaces it. In my opinion, the Sea-Dweller before 2008 remains a mythical object, shaped with the divers of Comex. I am wearing a watch which is the culmination of all the experiments. When my son turns 18 I will proudly give him my Rolex and I hope when he turns a dad, he will do the same.

- Mathieu Casalonga

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