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Things you can do in your swim shorts

Summer is closer than you think, and we prefer to walk around in our swim shorts all season long. Not only when we are on a well-deserved holiday, but also in and around the house. Agree? Let’s sum up the things you can do in your swim shorts.

1. For starters, the easiest one: sunbathing in your garden or balcony. The best swim short for this ‘activity’ is the tropical swim short


2. On your way to the bakery for some fresh croissants? The basic swim short is the one you’ll need.


3. We hope you have some friends with a pool, if so, can we get their number? We promise we will bring some nice swim shorts like the graphic swim shorts


4. A boat! How could we forget a boat. While tanning, swimming and having the best time of your life (people on boats do have the best time, right?) We suggest bringing a swim short like the tropical stripes swim shorts

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