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Chapter two - Make a difference

In this Chapter, we like to make an ode to the gents who dare to be different. Expect prints on prints, colorful suits and a touch of the Italian sun.

€59.95 €29.95

€89.95 €44.95
€89.95 €44.95

We know it is only the beginning of February and you are probably not ready yet to trade your winter coat for something that screams: Spring all over. 

But, you also want to be the one that knows what to buy when the time is there, and when your time is there, you are prepared. It's all about more prints, more color, and more outstanding fabrics. The funkier the better, that is where Chapter two is all about. 

€79.95 €39.95
€89.95 €44.95

€199.95 €99.95

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