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3 ways to wear a chino

One of the most worn items in a gents wardrobe is the chino. Our personal favorite during summer when it is too hot for jeans. 
We’ve thought of three ways to look good in a chino. 

1. Go green
Green is a color that is so easy to combine. A white tee, grey sweatshirt, black polo or whatever color you feel like wearing with army green. Wear this look a more formal way thinking about your next holiday or go for chic and wear your army green chino with a nice linen shirt on your way to a fancy Saturday brunch. Do you want to stand out more? Combine all shades of green together for a complete green look. 

2. Mix with white 
This look is simple but relaxed and clean. Always good for the office, when on holiday running to your favorite bakery in the French Riveria or for date night. Combine with a khaki colored chino and you are good to go.

3. Choose for color
For those days when the weather is grey, unfortunately, we have those days, you can choose to spice it up a little. Add color to your day by choosing one of our colored chinos. Mix with a neutral shirt, with matching blazer or go full color with a flower printed shirt. 

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